Character Creation

Character Creation follows the rules of Aberrant. A player’s guide outlines this process, but the basics are as follows:
Phase 1 – Mundane
Characters choose from the categories of Physical, Mental, and Social and assign points to each.

  • Primary Category receives 7 points to distribute
  • Secondary Category recieves 5 points to distribute
  • Tertiary Category recieves 3 points to distribute
  • Characters receive 27 skill points to assign. No skill may go above 3 at this time. No specialties may be purchased at this time.
  • Characters receive 7 background points at this time.
  • Characters start with 3 willpower and 1 chakra

Phase 2 – Training

  • Character receive 15 bonus points. Skills may go over three, specialties can be purchased, chakra may be raised

Phase 3 – Inheritance

  • Characters receive 10 Nova points to assign
  • No powers above level 3
  • Chakra cannot exceed 5

Powers may be purchased from the Player’s Guide or other various supplements for Aberrant.

Character Creation

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