Lyev Grissel



Nature: Jester

Str: 4 (Athletic)
Dex: 5 (Fast)
Sta: 4 (Tenacious)
Cha: 1
Man: 3
App: 2
Per: 4 (Observant)
Int: 2
Wit: 3

Athletics: 4 (Dodge)
Legerdemain: 3
Melee: 5 (Dual-Wield)
Stealth: 4
Awareness: 3
Intrusion: 4
Survival: 1
Streetwise: 3
Subterfuge: 2
Dweomer: 1

Willpower: 6
Chakra: 2
Seither Pool: 24
Corruption: 3 (Energy Emission = Pheromone that attracts crows and vultures.)

Channeling: 2
Backing (Walpurgisnacht): 2
Cipher: 3
Resources: 1
Artifact: 4
Contacts: 1

Debt -3
Obsession -2
Amnesia -4
Enemy -4
Trademark -1
Ambidextrous +1


Mega Attributes
Dexterity: 1
Weapon Mastery
Stamina: 1
Perception: 1
Electromagnetic Vision

Body Mod: Adhesive Grip

Eater of Hope = Dagger (Str + 2d10) w/ Poison 1
End of Joy = Dagger (Str +2d10) w/ Quantum Vampire (Stamina) 1


Sold into slavery at a young age by his family. Raised by fellow slaves and the hard hands of the slavemasters, Lyev learned and refined those early childhood skills of manipulation and subterfuge. In his adolescence he rebelled against his indentured servitude, seeing no end in sight and being completely estranged by his family he ran away. Or rather attempted to run away several times before narrowly escaping the whip of the slavemaster and accidently maiming one in the process Drake Falcor. Forced underground to elude the slave hunter parties Lyev was able to reinvent himself in a fashion. The Walpurgisnacht saw potential and brokered a deal with Lyev. In order to deal with the harsh existence he faced he most desired the skills to never become enslaved again. The Walpurgisnacht interpreted that as cruel training in the arts of assassination… to which Lyev was all too eager to learn.
Upon completion of his training he was assigned his first contract, a up and comer and known Inheritor. After successfully infiltrating the residence Lyev was confronted with an enemy he should not have overcome. However, a dagger sunk into the throat of that Inheritor and something happened in that fateful moment. Some called it an Awakening…. Lyev called it the change.
5 years later…
Lyev wakes in his spartan room within the sanctuary of Walpurgisnacht and takes a moment to stretch, recalling the events of yesterday… which to him is the very first contract. He quickly realizes through interaction with Hendrick Harrow that he is missing the last 5 years of his life. His guild handlers then are quick to desire recompensation in the sum of (very large number). Forced to take a more than lethal job the Laughing Assassin makes way for the Tower of Amduscias.

Lyev Grissel

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