Hendrick Harrow


Nature Thrill Seeker

Strength 3 Dext 5 Stamina 3
Perception 3 Intell 4 Wits 2
Appear 3 Manip 2 Cha 2

mega dex 1
cats grace

mega stam 1

3 Athletics, Firearms, Legerdemain, Melee, Stealth, endurance, resistance, Dwoemer,
2 intrusion
1 style, streetwise

willpower 3

Chakra 4
Seither pool 28
Corruption 3

Contacts 2, Praetor Lorent
Channeling 3
Resources 2
Cipher 2
Artifact 3

Soak 4 B 2L

Chameleon Cloak
Ring of Nine Lives
weapon gallant Edge 5d10 luck sword

Photographic memory 3
Sexy 1

Debt 3
Overconfidence 1


Third son in the Harrow family one of the leading families in the entertainers guild.
I was expelled from the Collegiate Incarnum after receiving the blame for a misguided theft attempt in which someone died. The Walpurgisnacht have the evidence relating me to the murder though I was only involved in the theft not the death. Lyev Grissle the Laughing Assasin did not kill me though I witnessed the murder, I owe the Walpurgisnacht my life for they chose not to take it.


Hendrick Harrow

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