500 years ago,marked the arrival of magic in the Kingdom of Udum. It was a sudden and unexplained phenomenon that came in the wake of Amaduscias, the tower that rose up near Udum’s eastern border. The erection of the tower brought magic, but it also brought a barrier that sealed Udum off from its neighboring kingdoms; kingdoms they had been at war with.

In that time, Udum underwent its own internal turmoil as panic threaded through the land. The presence of magic was at first feared, and considered excessive. Those that could wield it, immediately found themselves ostracized or worst. In 91 Post Ascension, Queen Laird tasked her advisors to formulate a way to control the arrival of this new element without exposing her subjects to further abuses, while simultaneously sending out scouting parties to study Amaduscias and the surrounding veil it put around the kingdom.

The council began to collect and catalog regular occurrences and phenomenon, and through careful study began to notice patterns of hereditary spells, or magic that cooperated similar to other spells, despite being different forms of energy. This energy was named Seither, an old world expressed as evolving matter, and they began the first school dedicated to its study. Now Seither permeates daily life, from the casual cræftiga, to the current solomon.


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