A Typical Job
Shadows in Songs

Lyev and Hendrick, malcontents by nature, and thieves by trade are summoned before the Faceless Three; The Master of Secrets, the Master of Shadows, and the Master of Cups. The Master of Secrets is responsible for organizing contracts with various brokers. The Master of Shadows is responsible for moving contraband. The Master of Cups is responsible for representing the guild’s legitimate front. All three Masters are masked, their identities a secret even from each other.

The Master of Shadows has requested a specific job for the duo. The Adamantine Circlet, the city’s elite fighting circuit are being asked to escort a trophy to one of the druid circles at the edge of the city. It is requested that the pair of cut-purses identify and steal this trophy before it reaches the druids and is potentially lost forever. Blood shed should be kept to a minimum, if fighting is necessary. Killing a member of the Adamantine Circlet could bring about serious consequences.


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